How To ?
MD-1 Button Cover Machine (Bombe Button)
Hand Tools for #12 Grommets
TEP-3 Grommet Attaching Machine
MH-1 Hydrolic Truck Cover, Tarp Grommet Setting Machine
MH-1 Hydrolic Attaching Machine with Mobile Base
Using #0 Hole Cutting Die with Micron TEP-3 Machine
Installing Curtain Grommets with Micron Hand Tools
M-3 Machine with #15 Cutting Dies
TEP-1 Grommet Press with Ring Jean Rivets
Installing #3 SPGW with PL-10
Installing #1-J Grommets with Custom Die Set on the Micron MC-20 Machine
#1-J SPGW Cut and Set Die Setting & Working with PL-10
MC-20 Double Head Installing Grommets for JNT
Adjusting Air Pressure Setting for the PL-10 Grommet Press
Micron MC-20 Special SPGW # 1 on Curtain Fabric Installation

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