M-500 Fully Automatic Fastening Attaching Machine

•   Fully automatic, self-loading machine. Fed by hoppers. •    Punches a hole and sets the grommet in one step. •    Can only accommodate one size die for the lifetime of the machine. •    Foot pedal for hand safety. •    Requires 220 volts of AC power to operate. Specifically built for the textile and banner industry.

Stainless Steel 304 Quality-Sheet Metal Grommets with Plain Washers(500 Pcs/Set Per Bag)

The interest for stainless steel grommets and washers for marine applications has never been higher. As organizations keep on finding new and inventive marine items, Micron’s marine evaluation treated stainless steel grommets and washers give the best affixing and erosion execution. While numerous other combinations, for example, metal give great in general execution, stainless steel keeps on being the compound of decision for marine evaluation affixing arrangements. Micron's stainless steel grommet and washer lines include grommets & plain washers, rolled rim grommets and spur washers, and self-piercing grommets and washers.

H-1 Portable Hand Pliers 15mm Ring Snaps with 15 mm Ring Snap Dies (100 pcs of each)

H-1 hand pliers are an ideal machine for easy and portable machine that resembles the pliers in a tool box. The machine is made out of heavy duty castiron, so it will last for years. Another advantage H-1 hand pliers have is the ability to set the 15mm Ring snap which is a heavy duty snap used on tarps, boat covers and banner. Professional grommet setting tools much higher quality than those found at most fabric stores. Package deal comes as a complete kit with everything you need to apply. Package Deal Includes √ H-1 Portable Hand Pliers √ 15 mm Ring Snap Dies √ 1 bag of 15mm Ring snap nickel finish (100 sets)

PG20-17AB#6 (13/16”) Baby Blue. Fashionable, Affordable and Vigorous Plastic Grommets Including Washer (12 Sets Per Pack)

Micron Brand Inc. Heavy Duty #6 Plastic grommets offer a 13/16″ hole size after setting and are made from durable plastic material. Micron Brand Plastic Grommets comes with various color options. Our Grommets are suitable for various fabrics up to a thickness of 4mm by adjustable distance between the grommets halves. • This durable plastic grommets can be used on Curtains  Draperies and home decoration.

MD-1 Button Covering Machine


All dies, sold separately.

The MD-1 Button Cover Machine is available in a heavy duty plate frame,first must be bench mounted when use, While the operation is entirely by hand, the quality of work is equal to that done by large automatic machines. With this machine you are able to cover a large selection of Buttons. •  Affordability. •  Small And Practical. •  No Maintenance Necessary. •  Interchangeable Button Dies. •  Bench Mounted. •  Suitable For Numerous Materials. •  Heavy Duty Durability. •  Micron America Warranty. •  Parts Available. This machine is used extensively in many businesses for covering buttons of multiple sizes and styles.

TEP-1 Fastening Hand Press Machine Startup Kit

All dies, sold separately. Its dependability and affordable pricing makes this machine a perfect entry level hand press machine which is ideal for people who don’t use a large variety of fastener products. This machine is a low cost machine perfect for the semi-professionals that install snaps, rivets, jean button and self-piercing grommets up to size #3.

No:250 Webbing and Canvas Pliers

No:250 webbing and canvas pliers are made with a hammer jaw. The hammer acts as a lever when a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and leather as well as webbing. Vinyl handle and a fully nickel plated finish. • Pliers grip fabric or jute webbing for stretching over frames, table edges, etc.

No:251 Canvas Pliers With Short Jaw

Made with hammer jaw, the hammer acts as a lever when a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and leather as well as webbing. → Vinyl handles. → Fully nickel plated.

No. 1012 – Zipper Stop Pliers

Made of high quality forged steel. Vinyl handles for easy gripping. Spring loaded. • Designed to install any kind of top stops on zipper chain. → Unique jaw design.

No. 103 1/2 – Needle Nose Stretching Pliers

Forged steel. Single pivot, polished jaws, red vinyl handles. Slightly serrated jaw. • Great for stretching material where space is too limited for using ordinary stretching pliers.

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