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No. 223 – Revolving Punch

The frame is made of highly polished steel and the cutting dies are simply pushed in for easy replacement. Replacement cutting tubes are also available. This set can make the following hole sizes; 0 (5/64”), 1 (3/32”), 2 (7/64”), 3 (1/8”), 4 (5/32”) & 6 (3/16”)

Belt Punch Hardened Cutting Edge – Milled Clearing Hole

Micron hand tools are made of high quality stainless steel material. Remember to use a plastic mallet, not a steel hammer. This set can make the following hole sizes; 1(3/32"), 2(7/64"), 3(1/8"), 4(5/32"), 5(11/64"), & 6(3/16")

No:250 Webbing and Canvas Pliers

No:250 webbing and canvas pliers are made with a hammer jaw. The hammer acts as a lever when a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and leather as well as webbing. Vinyl handle and a fully nickel plated finish. • Pliers grip fabric or jute webbing for stretching over frames, table edges, etc.