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DEP-2 Heavy Duty, Industrial, Stroking (forward pulled & Deep-Frame) Hand Press Machine

Original price was: $750.00.Current price is: $450.00.

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All dies, sold separately.

•  Perfect tool for sign shops, leather workers and marine equipment. •  Uses a spring to provide extra power for tough materials. •  Can accommodate the majority of dies we manufacture. •  Can adjust the distance between the top and bottom dies. Powerful manual machine plate and the banner industry.

TEP-1 Fastening Hand Press Machine

All dies, sold separately. Its dependability and affordable pricing makes this machine a perfect entry level hand press machine which is ideal for people who don’t use a large variety of fastener products. This machine is a low cost machine perfect for the semi-professionals that install snaps, rivets, jean button and self-piercing grommets up to size #3.

TEP-3 Deep-Frame Fastening Attaching Hand Press Machine


All dies, sold separately.

The Micron Tep-3 machine is the machine that bridges the gap between the hobbyists and professionals. The free standing or bench mounted feature of this machine makes it top of the line choice as its deep frame feature allows a comfortable work space and can easily be transported to the job site. The machine is made out of heavy duty cast iron and will last you for years to come. This machine will accommodate all fastener installations up to size #5 grommets.

M-3 ALL-IN-ONE Textile Fastening Attaching (forward pulled) Hand Press Machine

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $299.95.

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All dies, sold separately.

•  This machine can accommodate every die we manufacture •  Simple straightforward design allows even a novice to professionally set grommets, rivets and snaps. •  Portable design allows you to take it to a job site. Our favorite manual machine good for all kind industries.

MD-1 Button Covering Machine


All dies, sold separately.

The MD-1 Button Cover Machine is available in a heavy duty plate frame,first must be bench mounted when use, While the operation is entirely by hand, the quality of work is equal to that done by large automatic machines. With this machine you are able to cover a large selection of Buttons. •  Affordability. •  Small And Practical. •  No Maintenance Necessary. •  Interchangeable Button Dies. •  Bench Mounted. •  Suitable For Numerous Materials. •  Heavy Duty Durability. •  Micron America Warranty. •  Parts Available. This machine is used extensively in many businesses for covering buttons of multiple sizes and styles.

H-1 Portable Hand Pliers Grommet and Snap Setter


All dies, sold separately.

H-1 hand pliers are an ideal machine for easy and portable machine that resembles the pliers in a tool box. The machine is made out of heavy duty  cast iron, so it will last for years.. H-1 hand pliers is capable of setting #1 (5/16”), #2 (3/8”), #3 (7/16”) self-piercing grommets and washers. Which is a special grommets made to cut and set at the same time.  Recommended for banners, canvas and lightweight signs.

Another advantage of H-1 hand pliers is the ability to set the 15mm Ring snap which is a heavy duty snap used on tarps, boat covers and banner.

Professional grommet setting tools much higher quality than those found at most fabric stores.