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I-SPGW #3 (7/16”) Self-Piercing/Iron Grommets and Washers (9.000 pcs of each)

Iron Material grommets are recommended for indoor or short term outdoor use such as campaign signs that are meant to be used for a few months and get disposed. In time, when material is in contact with rain or humidity for a few months, it will cause erosion or rust. This can be installed with the same dies and machine as the self-piercing brass material grommets. Iron Material Grommets Our quality Micron (Iron) Grommets are available in sizes # 1, #2, #3 and #5 for indoor/short term outdoor use grommets for an affordable short term usage fasteners for campaign signs or indoor birthday banners. The affordable pricing makes this particular grommet an option of choice.  Available in 4 different finishes.