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Circle Buttons - Sew Thru

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Manufacturer: Micron America

Weight: 0.25 lbs

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This cover button allows you to sew through to the top.

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The Circle cover Button allows you to sew through to the top. Eyelet Mart's Buttons are the choice of textile professionals. Our Covered Buttons are manufactured with the most modern technology.

The front and back are both manufactured of the highest quality which make these Buttons particularly ideal for Clothing, Home, Auto and Marine Upholstery.

*All sizes include 500 pcs set per box.

1mm= 0.039 inches

16'=10mm                30'=19mm

18'=11mm                32'=20.5mm

20'=12.5mm             36'=23mm

22'=14mm                40'=25.5mm

24'=15mm                44'=28mm

26'=16.5mm             50'=32mm

28'=18mm                60'=38mm

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