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M-3 Machine, #12 (1-1/2") Square Curtain Grommet Cutting and Setting Dies

Regular Price: $660.00

Special Price $549.29


Manufacturer: Micron America

Weight: 53.00 lbs

Availability: In stock

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•  This machine can accommodate every die we manufacture.

•  Simple straightforward design allows even a novice to professionally set grommets, rivets and snaps.

•  Portable design allows you to take it to a job site.

Package Deal Includes

√ M-3 fastener attaching machine
√ Square #12(ID 1-1/2” OD.2-7/16”) square curtain grommet dies


Package Deal Included Only Machine & Dies sets.

M-3 ALL-IN-ONE Textile Fastening Attaching (forward pulled) Hand Press Machine.

The Micron M-3 is our favorite manual fastener press. The versatility of this amazing fasteners press is simply unmatched as far as manual fastener presses are concerned.


The Micron M-3 is specifically designed to attach curtain grommets size #12 - # 15 and #18. The M-3 does a great job of installing curtain grommets. This is rare for a manual grommet press the size of the M-3.  If you are looking for a portable manual grommet press to attach curtain grommets, this is it. This resourceful Grommet Press does a lot more than install curtain grommets. Because of its ability to accommodate interchangeable dies, the M-3 is one of the most versatile fastener attaching machines available today. You can also use the Micron M-3 Grommet Press to install Self Piercing Grommets, Sheet Metal Grommets, Plastic Grommets and Rolled Rim Grommets of various sizes. We’re not done yet; the M-3 will also install Eyelets, Spring Snaps, Ring Snaps, Jean Rivets and Jean Buttons. Can you see why this amazing little machine is our favorite manual grommet press.

2.Makes your job easier

The Micron M-3 Grommet Press is designed to make your job easier. The long handle provides extra leverage and comfort to produce more power with every pull. The deep frame and high neck allow for larger dies and grommets and a larger variety of materials. The M-3 is portable so you can take with you to a remote job site.


The Micron M-3 Manual Grommet Press is made out of heavy duty cast iron and is built to be reliable and durable. This is the type of durability that will allow this amazing machine to be passed on from generation to generation. When we say, “At Micron, we manufacture quality and reliability” we mean it.

4.Preferred by the Professionals

We have many customers who use the Micron M-3 Grommet Press in their businesses. The M-3 is perfect for alteration shops, apparel design shops, curtain shops, boat cover shops, tarp makers, awning makers, banner sign makers. The small size and portability and affordable price of the M-3 also makes it ideal for hobbyists.

4.Textile Industry

The Micron M-3 is particularly useful for businesses in the textile industry. Because it is capable of installing just about any type and size of Grommets, Eyelets, Spring Snaps, Ring Snaps, Jean Rivets and Jean Buttons, the Micron M-3 is absolutely the perfect fastener attachment machine for apparel design shops, curtain shops, alteration shops and any business that is a part of the textile industry.


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