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M-500 Fully Automatic Fastening Attaching Machine

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SKU: #AM-M500

Manufacturer: Micron America

Weight: 260.00 lbs

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Micron Brand M-500 Fully Automatic Attaching Machine

This machine is built around a newly designed frame that requires less space and is much lighter than previous generations. The M-500 fully automatic machine that feeds both the grommet and washer punches the hole in the material and attaches the grommet and washer, all in a single cycle. This machine has been specifically engineered for light to medium duty applications.


  •  Flywheel powered and cam actuated to ensure consistent settings.
  • Advanced cutting technology to punch a hole in multi-layeredmaterials.
  • Compensator to allow for a nominal variance in material thickness.Stripper plate to lift grommet and washer setting off the pilot ofthe anvil.
  • Available for grommet & washer sizes No. 00 to No. 2 (includingTelescopic, Tooth and Spur) 6. Simplistic controls, operator and service friendly.


First of all, we need to know which size grommet & washer you need and could you let us know the quantity? This is a custom machine, therefore if you’re looking to use your own grommets, then it is highly recommended that your company sends to our factory at least 1,000 sets for them to test when the machine is ready. According to the information received from you, we will research shipment charges and consult with managers about prices. Then we will give you best price we can.

  • Electrical: 220V 50 HZ, 1 Ph
  • 2. Motor: 1⁄2 HP, 1140 RPM
  • 3. Air: None

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