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MC-20 Single Cylinder Semi-Heavy Duty Pneumatic Fastening Attaching Machine

Regular Price: $2,650.00

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Manufacturer: Micron America

Weight: 180.00 lbs

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Versatile: The MC-20 Grommet Attachment Machine is one of the most versatile fastener attaching machines available today. With interchangeable dies, you can use the MC-20 to attach just about any size and style of Grommets available. You can also use the Micron MC-20 Grommet Attachment Machine to attach Spring Snaps, Ring Snaps, Jean Rivets and Jean Buttons of various sizes and styles.
Powerful: The Micron MC-20 is also a very powerful machine. The MC -20 has two ways to adjust its piston pressure. The air intake pressure control valve will adjust the piston pressure from 0-150 PSI (0-10 bar). Stroke up/down keys on the digital display will adjust the piston stroke from 0-150. The MC-20 is capable of applying up to 450 kg of pressure per square centimeter.
Features:The Micron MC-20 Grommet and Grommet Attachment Machine features an advanced safety system that prevents the dies from coming down when the operator’s hands are under the dies. The MC-20 has a laser guidance system that marks the grommet setting point.  The digital panel of the MC-20 displays installed fastener count, and piston stroke settings. You can also turn on the laser pointer with the laser on/off button located on this panel.  The MC-20 features a foot pedal that leaves the operator’s hands free to guide the material while installing fasteners.
Great Buy: The power and versatility of the Micron MC-20 Fastener Attachment Machine along with our unbeatable price makes the MC-20 a great buy.  Our unbeatable price makes the MC-20 an affordable yet powerful fastener attachment machine for professionals and start up businesses. The power and versatility of this Grommet Press makes it a smart choice for medium to large size businesses for highly efficient installation of all types and sizes of Grommets, Spring Snaps, Ring Snaps, Jean Rivets and Jean Buttons 
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