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Micron M150 Oblong Grommets and Washers [5/32” x 5/8”] (144 pcs of each)

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Manufacturer: Micron America

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These grommets are manufactured by Micron We have the setting dies that are compatible with our machines to set these grommets.

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• The technical function of oval eyelets is to fasten tapes, metal bridges, twist locks, to use as a locker or to connect two different fabrics together.

Generally there are 3 collections of oval eyelets:

  • Oval eyelets for Tourniquets.
  • Large oval eyelets used in (TIR) truck-covers, trailers, tarpaulin and sailboats.
  • Small oval eyelets used in leather goods, stationary & graphical products.

Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of oblong grommet and washer manufactured by Micron America.

Material: Brass
Finishes: Brass, Nickel,  Black-Nickel




             Hole Size



             M-150          4*16 mm 5/32'' x 5/8''          9.9*21 mm 3/8'' x 13/16''      5mm 13/16''

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