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PL-10 Pneumatic Fastening Attaching Machine

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Manufacturer: Micron America

Weight: 38.00 lbs

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Hi Quality, Easy Portability: The Micron PL-10 high quality portable Grommet Press has a handle on top and is easy to carry around in the shop or to outside job locations. Manufactured at our European plant, this high quality portable Grommet Press has a one year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects and comes with a metal base and casters for easy portability. 
Highly Versatile:This Grommet Press is capable of installing more than just plastic grommets. You can use the Micron   PL-10 Grommet Press to install Self Piercing Grommets, Jean Buttons, Jean Rivets and Tubular Rivets of various sizes.
Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain:
The Micron PL-10 Pneumatic Grommet Press is powered by a compressor. The PL-10 does not need an electrical outlet. This reliable grommet press requires virtually no maintenance, simply connect the PL-10 to a compressor and start using it. With our specially engineered dies, you can cut the material and then install the grommet without having to change from hole-cutting dies to grommet setting dies. You can also install jean buttons and rivets without changing dies.  This feature alone makes your job easier, saves you time and saves you in labor costs. If you are looking for a high quality Grommet Press that is easy to carry, easy to use and easy to maintain, the Micron PL-10 Grommet Press is perfect for you.
The interchangeable dies and the grommets are sold separately. The metal base and the casters are included with the PL-10. 
At Micron, We Manufacture Quality and Reliability
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Products Smallest Size (ID) Largest Size (ID)
Plastic Grommets 12mm N/A
Self-Piercing #1.7 (1/8”) #5 (5/8”)
Jean Buttons All Styles All Styles
Jean Rivets All Styles All Styles
Tubular Rivets All Styles All Styles

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