SMGW-NW #1 (9/32") Sheet Metal Grommets and Neck Washers, 144pcs of each

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Manufacturer: Micron America

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These Grommets operate only with Automatic Grommet Machines

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Sheet Metal Grommets can be used interchangeably with plain washers, teeth washers, and neck washers. Available in brass, aluminum or zinc; in their base metal or with popular finishes such as nickel and dull black chemical. Many sizes are also available in stainless steel.

Plain Washers - Basic reinforcement, providing support for the grommet setting.

Teeth Washers - A firmer, tighter grasp, particularly in woven materials.

Neck Washers- Telescoping, barrel to barrel setting, reinforces the hole with two entire parts.

Everything About Our Sheet Metal Grommets With Neck washers are superior. The heavy-duty brass, the quality of finish, and the value for your money.

Micron Sheet metal Grommets and Neck Washers are available in their Base Metal which is Brass. Also Nickel.Orders calling for popular finishes will be in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

Please note that #1 Sheet Metal Grommets and Neck Washers Are Compatible With Only Fully Automatic Machines.

-One Gross Grommets (144 Pcs Set)

-These Grommets are NOT Self-Piercing

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