Stainless Steel 304 Quality-Sheet Metal Grommets With Plain Washers

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Manufacturer: Micron Group Inc

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The interest for stainless steel grommets and washers for marine applications has never been higher. As organizations keep on finding new and inventive marine items, Micron’s marine evaluation treated stainless steel grommets and washers give the best affixing and erosion execution. While numerous other combinations, for example, metal give great in general execution, stainless steel keeps on being the compound of decision for marine evaluation affixing arrangements.

Micron’s stainless steel grommet and washer lines include grommets & plain washers, rolled rim grommets and spur washers, and self-piercing grommets and washers.

Why Stainless Steel Is Used in Marine Applications?

→ One of the top reasons that marine experts incline toward treated steel affixing arrangements is that hardened steel gives unparalleled protection from erosion and rust. This characteristic alone builds the clasp execution while at the same time keeping support costs at least.

→ Erosion and rust frequently lead toward hazardous marine applications, like untimely item disappointment or red flakey rust that will move to any surface it comes into contact with. In any case, because of its metallurgic creation, hardened steel opposes consumption and doesn't rust because of chromium inside its cosmetics.

→ Since they don't rust, stainless steel grommets keep an alluring appearance paying little mind to natural conditions. Since stainless steel contains a high level of chromium, tempered steel latches will "self-fix" when scratched or harmed expanding their administration life.

Marine Grade 304 Grommets and Washers by Micron Group

→ To satisfy the expanding needs for marine evaluation attaching arrangements, Micron fabricates and supplies a total line of stainless steel grommets and washers. From essential opening support to tough and un-yielding latches, Micron is the complete marine fastener manufacturer.

Tempered Steel Plain Grommets and Washers

 Hole Reinforcement Type: Plain grommets and washers give essential hole-opening support and adaptability.
• Marine Applications: Flags, marine upholstery, boat covers and that's just the beginning.
• Sizes Available: 00GWSSM (3/16″) #00, #0 0GWSSM (1/4″), 1GWSSM #1 (9/32″), 2GWSSM #2 (3/8″), 3GWSSM (7/16″) #3, 4GWSSM (1/2″) #4
• Corrosion Resistance: Excellent

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