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No. 3377 – Diagonal Cutting Nippers

• Similar to above but shorter and lighter. These rugged forged nippers are ideal for cutting hog rings and wire. Polished head, finest industrial quality. Red vinyl grips to add comfort.

PG35-08AB #10 (1 3/8”) Satin. Fashionable Affordable and Vigorous Plastic Grommets Including Washer (12 Sets Per Pack)

Micron Group Inc. Heavy Duty #10 Plastic Eyelets offer a 1 3/8" hole size after setting and are made from durable plastic material. Micron Group Plastic Grommets comes with various color options. Our Grommets are suitable for various fabrics up to a thickness of 4mm by adjustable distance between the grommets halves. • This durable plastic grommets can be used in Curtain / Drapery and home decoration. Plastic Grommets are made of ABS Material; As its name implies, ABS is created from Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene polymers. This property of ABS makes it a desirable material for recycling. We recommend our Cutter and Cutting Board to achieve the perfect hole size to be cut out of your fabric or material. Also, by using our Rubber Mallet, you can attach the Eyelets securely and without causing any damage. Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of Plastic grommets manufactured by Micron America.

TEP-3 Fastener Attaching Machine, #2 Rolled Rim Dies With #2 Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur Washers (144 pcs of each)

The Micron TEP-3 machine is the machine that bridges the gap between the hobbyists and professionals. The free standing or bench mounted feature of this machine makes it top of the line choice as its deep frame feature allows a comfortable work space and can easily be transported to the job site. Package Deal Includes → TEP-3 Fastener Attaching Machine → #2 Rolled Rim Grommet dies with Hole Piercing dies and Teflon board → 1 bag of #2 Rolled Rim Grommets and Washer (144 pcs of each) Package deal comes as a complete kit with everything you need to apply. Please choose grommet color.

I-SPGW #2 (3/8”) Self-Piercing/Iron Grommets and Washers(500 pcs of each)

Iron Material grommets are recommended for indoor or short term outdoor use such as campaign signs that are meant to be used for a few months and get disposed. In time, when material is in contact with rain or humidity for a few months, it will cause erosion or rust. This can be installed with the same dies and machine as the self-piercing brass material grommets. Iron Material Grommets Our quality Micron (Iron) Grommets are available in sizes # 1, #2, #3 and #5 for indoor/short term outdoor use grommets for an affordable short term usage fasteners for campaign signs or indoor birthday banners. The affordable pricing makes this particular grommet an option of choice.  Available in 4 different finishes.

Stimpson A591 Oblong Grommets and Washers [5/16” x 3/4”] (144 pcs of each)

These grommets are manufactured by Micron We have the setting dies that are compatible with our machines to set these grommets. • The technical function of oval eyelets is to fasten tapes, metal bridges, twist locks, to use as a locker or to connect two different fabrics together. Generally there are 3 collections of oval eyelets:
  • Oval eyelets for Tourniquets.
  • Large oval eyelets used in (TIR) truck-covers, trailers, tarpaulin and sailboats.
  • Small oval eyelets used in leather goods, stationary & graphical products.
Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of oblong grommet and washer manufactured by Micron America. Material: Brass Finishes: Brass, Nickel, Military Black

SMGW-PW #0 (1/4”) Sheet Metal Grommets and Plain Washers (144 pcs of each)

Brass grommet and plain washer provide basic hole reinforcement and versatility for a wide variety of applications. Manual and semi-automatic grommet setting machines easily set grommets and plain washers ensuring installation runs smoothly and efficiently. •  This multipurpose grommet and washer combination can be used in a variety of materials including industrial fabrics, canvas, leather and heavy-duty vinyl tarps, as long as a hole has been pre-punched in the material. Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of sheet-metal grommet and plain washer manufactured by Micron America. Material: Brass Finishes: Brass, Nickel, Millitary Black.

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