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No:250 Webbing and Canvas Pliers

Hand Tool are final sale, and cannot be returned NO EXCEPTIONS. No:250 webbing and canvas pliers are made with a hammer jaw. The hammer acts as a lever when a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and leather as well as webbing. Vinyl handle and a fully nickel plated finish. • Pliers grip fabric or jute webbing for stretching over frames, table edges, etc.

PG35-04AB#10 (1 3/8”) Gold, Fashionable Affordable and Vigorous Plastic Grommets Including Washer (12 Sets Per Pack)

Micron Brand Inc. Heavy Duty #10 Plastic grommets offer a 1-3/8" hole size after setting and are made from durable plastic material. Micron Brand Plastic Grommets comes with various color options. Our Grommets are suitable for various fabrics up to a thickness of 5/32" (4mm) by adjustable distance between the grommets halves. • This durable plastic grommets can be used on Curtains  Draperies and home decoration.

M-3 Fastener Attaching Machine With #12 Round Curtain Grommet Dies

•  This machine can accommodate every die we manufacture. •  Simple straightforward design allows even a novice to professionally set grommets, rivets and snaps. •  Portable design allows you to take it to a job site. Package Deal Includes √ M-3 fastener attaching machine √ #12(1-1/2'') round curtain grommet dies MUST BE INSTALLED ON BENCH-TABLE BEFORE USING. Package deal comes as a complete kit with everything you need to apply.

SPGW #2L (3/8”) (Long Neck 9mm) Self-Piercing Grommets & Washers (500 Pcs of each)


Our quality Micron Self-Piercing Grommets are made from heavier gauge brass then traditional sheet metal grommets, allows a one shot installation action without having to pre punch holes to many qualified material such as outdoor signage and vinyl banners. These grommets are the number 1 choice of the banner industry to decrease the production time by half due to its one shot application process. Available in sizes #1.7 (1/8” ID) to #5 (5/8” ID).

All other available sizes and finishes are listed in our “Size Guide” section down below.

M150 Oblong Grommets and Washers (11/64”x 5/8”) (144 pcs of each)

These grommets are manufactured by Micron We have the setting dies that are compatible with our machines to set these grommets. • The technical function of oval eyelets is to fasten tapes, metal bridges, twist locks, to use as a locker or to connect two different fabrics together. Generally there are 3 collections of oval eyelets:
  • Oval eyelets for Tourniquets.
  • Large oval eyelets used in (TIR) truck-covers, trailers, tarpaulin and sailboats.
  • Small oval eyelets used in leather goods, stationary & graphical products.
Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of oblong grommet and washer manufactured by Micron America. Material: Brass Finishes: Brass, Nickel,  Black-Nickel

SMGW-PW #00 (3/16”) Sheet Metal Grommets and Plain Washers (144 pcs of each)

Brass grommet and plain washer provide basic hole reinforcement and versatility for a wide variety of applications. Manual and semi-automatic grommet setting machines easily set grommets and plain washers ensuring installation runs smoothly and efficiently. •  This multipurpose grommet and washer combination can be used in a variety of materials including industrial fabrics, canvas, leather and heavy-duty vinyl tarps, as long as a hole has been pre-punched in the material. Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of sheet-metal grommet and plain washer manufactured by Micron America. Material: Brass Finishes: Brass, Nickel, Millitary Black.

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