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No. 359 – Aligning Punch

Click on image to zoom Forged from the finest quality high carbon steel. Hardened and tempered points for industrial use. Pointed ends are highly polished. Hexagon shanks with industrial finish. Variety of sizes.

MH-5 DTS14 Hydraulic Grommet Attaching Machine


All dies, sold separately.

Shipping to be determined per weight & dimension!
•    Primarily used to set large curtain grommets and our oblong grommets. •     Features interchangeable dies. •     Punches the hole and sets the grommet in one step. •     Foot pedal for hand safety. •     Requires 220 volts of AC power to operat. Perfect for curtain, tarp manufacturing and the banner industry.

M-3 Machine, #7 Dies, #7 Hole Cutter & #7 Sheet Metal Grommets with Plain Washer (144 pcs of each)

This machine can accommodate every die we manufacture. Simple straightforward design allows even a novice to professionally set grommets, rivets and snaps and Portable design allows you to take it to a job site. Package Deal Includes √    M-3 Grommet Machine √  #7 Sheet Metal Grommet dies with Hole Piercing dies and Teflon board √    1 bag of #7 Sheet Metal Grommets and Plain Washer (144 pcs of each) Package deal comes as a complete kit with everything you need to apply. Please choose grommet color.

#3 (15/32”) Hand Tools For Rolled-Rim Grommets and Spur Washers

Hand Tool are final sale, and cannot be returned NO EXCEPTIONS. Micron hand tools are made of high quality stainless steel material, allows you to install your Rolled-Rim Grommets & Spur Washers easily. Remember to use a plastic mallet, not a steel hammer. Supplied with full instructions. Your set includes; 2 piece setting Hand Tools, cutter and cutting teflon included. Material: High quality stainless steel Size: The product is available in 9 sizes.  

RRG-SW #8 (1-3/32”) Rolled Rim Grommets With Spur Washers (144 pcs of each)


Rolled Rim Grommets with Spur Washers are available in brass with a selection of finishes including nickel plated and brass and military black.Specifically engineered to interlock, the teeth of the washer grab the material ensuring a rugged and rigid setting.

•  This multipurpose grommet and washer combination can be used in a variety of materials including industrial fabrics, marine canvas, boat covers, awnings, and heavy-duty vinyl tarps as long as a hole has been pre-punched in the material. Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of rolled rim grommet and spur washer manufactured by Micron America. Material: Brass Finishes: Brass, Nickel, Military Black

Flat Button Cover and Setting Dies

Flat Button  dies are designed to work with the MD-1 button covering machine. All Dies are precision machined and made from high quality steel. The cutters have sharp edges and are engineered for accuracy and a long life span.
Please see our size chart for all available sizes.
Dies are final sale, and cannot be returned NO EXCEPTIONS.

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